Initio Corporation introduces a new USB3- 2x SATA III ASIC controller for RAID and Hybrid Drive Solutions

Initio Corporation, a leading supplier of storage and high speed serial interface ASICs, has introduced INIC-3610, the first USB 3.0 to two ports SATA 6Gbps SOC solution in the world. This ASIC has a built-in hardware RAID engine, supporting RAID 0,1, and JBOD functionality. With USB 3.0 and SATA 6G protocol to fully enable high performance SSD and HDD drives, and offering low power-consumption and low BOM cost, INIC-3610 can be used either for mobile storage drive that uses only USB bus power, or for large capacity desktop applications. At the time of this public announcement, INIC-3610 has already attracted attention from tier-one customers and is being designed into end products.

"In the past ten years, the volume of consumer generated data has grown tremendously and will continue to grow at an even faster pace. As a result, the demand for high speed storage solution will also continue to grow," said Y.C. Liu, CEO of Initio Corporation, "We believe INIC-3610 will serve this demand well, and continue Initio's track record of providing successful high speed serial interface and storage ASICs that bring values to our customers and consumers. We are very excited about the various applications that INIC-3610 can enable. One very promising application of INIC-3610 is the hybrid drive application -- with two SATA-III ports, the system vendor can use one port with SSD drive and the other with HDD drive, thus combing the fast, high performance SSD capabilities with large HDD capacity and reliability in one single storage device. "

In addition to providing the protocol translation functionality, INIC-3610 is also the only USB3-SATAIII controller in the world to offer hardware 128 / 256 bit XTS-AES encryption and decryption hardware engine. This engine has received NIST certification in the US. Unlike software encryption approach, Initio's hardware solution can handle USB 3.0 traffic without loss of performance. Initio has also successfully assisted its customers to receive FIPS 140 Level 2 Certification, a US government computer security standard used to accredit cryptographic devices. Including INIC-3610, Initio has introduced five USB 3.0 device ASIC products that have passed the USB-IF certification, including INIC3607, INIC3608 and INIC3609. Utilizing 90 nm process technology, Initio's USB 3.0 controllers have been widely used from external hard drive, external optical drive, SSD bridge board, numeric keypad of encryption drive, to wireless drive. Combining with ten USB 2.0 products, Initio offers the most complete lineup of USB-SATA bridge controllers.

Company Information:
Established in 1995, Initio Corporation has been at the forefront of providing ASIC solutions for high speed serial and storage applications, such as USB-SATA bridge controllers, USB/SATA to NAND flash controllers, SCSI controllers, and firewire controllers. Among Taiwan based ASIC design companies, Initio stands out as one of the few companies capable of designing and has track records of successfully introducing products with internally developed IPs and PHYs. In 2012, Initio was the first company to introduce a 90nm design for USB3.0 -SATA controller. With teams in Taiwan, China and United States, Initio works with customers closely and provides a total solution and support to customers, from ASIC products to customized firmware / utilities to enable customers with complete and successful end products.

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